Top 20 Free Drum Kits For Music Producers In 2019 (With Previews)

Being a producer, the most important tools for making songs are drum kits. They give the rhythm to the song and set the overall sounding color.

But not every drum kit works for every song. On a R&B song you might want soft kicks, maybe a few percussion sounds here and there, very minimal. On an EDM track however, you would want hard-hitting kicks and loud snares which are more appropriate for dancing and loud speakers.

So to solve the trouble of finding that perfect kit, we've compiled a list of 20 (we will add more soon) different free drum kits with previews, each with their own unique style and taste. Each entity has video or audio preview, so you can easily pick the most preferable ones. So without further ado, let's start!

1. Antbeatz Official, By Drum Packz

Enjoy the vibes of classic trap drums from "Antbeatz".

2. Kanye West Drum Kit, By DrumKitSupply

DrumKitSupply produces high-quality drum packs. The Kanye West pack is as great as their artwork. Gorgeous.

3. Metro Boomin Type Drum Kit, By Sample Ocean

The name speaks for itself. Meet the style of one of the best producers.

4. DrumStar Vol.1, By FabeStar

This pack is absolute must-have for your library when producing the R&B track. Additionally it has a bunch of different drum loops and interesting samples.

5. Help A Brother Out Drum Kit, By DrumKitSupply

This guys are really good. Therefore, here is another pack from them.

6. MT Power Drum Kit 2, By MANDA AUDIO

This one is not actually a pack. It's a VST/AU/AAX drum plugin, but it's also free. So make sure to have it in your collection.

7. 99 Drum Samples, By 99 Sounds

These guys have original title and actually original sounds. This pack definitely deserves your attention.

8. TRAP DRUMKIT, By Drum Digger

High quality trap drums that will casually fit into your trap library.

9. J COLE DRUM KIT, By Romax Official

Vibes of the top-artist J Cole from "Romax Official". His YouTube channel is just starting out. Let's support him by subscribing.

10. Lex Luger Type Drum Kit, By Sample Ocean

The style of the Lex Luger producer from 808 Mafia. This is one of the most popular free drum kit on the Sample Ocean.

11. Vybe Appreciation Kit 5, By SoundMajorz

This huge pack contains 808s, drums, fxs & a bunch of mumbles. It differs from other packs. And that's why it shines.

12. EDM DRUMS, By W.A.Production

Let's make it more engaging with this slightly different type of drums. We don't forget about dance music :)

13. SAVAGE DRUMKIT, By Drum Digger

Hard hitting drums that are made for something dangerously wild. This is the second pack by the Drum Digger that we want to share with you and definitely not the last one in our collection.

14. EDM Basic Pack, By Sick Loops

Some more electronic sauce from the Sick Loops. Dry drums sound good on the dance floors.

15. Lofi Sample Pack, By Cymatics

Well-known sound-pack from the well-known supplier. Cymatics did the good job and their lofi drums will always be dangerously beautiful.

16. Johnny Juliano Drum Kit, By Johnny Juliano

Listen to what you can do from the Johnny's pack. The preview beat seems to be the pure fire.

17. SADBOY DRUMKIT, By Drum Digger

Drum Digger (previously "Samples Material") is well known drum kit provider. Let's meet another dope pack.

18. Southside Type Drum Kit, By Sample Ocean

Drums that are inspired by the American record producer - Southside.

19. 300 Unique Drum Samples, By Ghosthack

How can we forget the Ghosthack? Not many people know about this free pack but it deserves your attention because these guys know what they are doing.

20. TM88 Type Drum Kit, By Sample Ocean

Last but not least. The dessert for your ears with TM88 vibes.


We hope that you enjoyed our collection and waiting for more. By the way, check out the full collection of our Free Drum Kits!