August 09, 2019

Top 20 Free Sample Packs For Music Production In 2019

Introduction If you either look for the best free sample packs of 2019 which are now available on the Internet or you need certain sounds to accomplish your tracks, this article will come you in handy. As we are musicians, we understand how it is crucial to find high-quality, appropriate sounds which will make your music much better. There are a great number of different samples and sample packs around the web. However, not all of them are free and have good quality. That’s why we introduce you top 20 sample packs of 2019 which you can download without paying...
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August 07, 2019

11 Best Free Presets For Xfer Serum In 2019

Introduction It is well-known that Serum is considered to be a phenomenal synthesizer in the world of music. Either everyone already has it or wants to have. However, there are not so many free presets, especially with the preview. In this article, we are going to show you the best free Serum presets for the most popular genres. It can be really helpful for newcomers who just want to get acquainted with the sound design and get some great presets to work with. We offer you different presets with previews which are classified by genre. It is very convenient for...
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July 30, 2019

Top 20 Free Drum Kits For Music Producers In 2019 (With Previews)

Being a producer, the most important tools for making songs are drum kits. They give the rhythm to the song and set the overall sounding color. But not every drum kit works for every song. On a R&B song you might want soft kicks, maybe a few percussion sounds here and there, very minimal. On an EDM track however, you would want hard-hitting kicks and loud snares which are more appropriate for dancing and loud speakers. So to solve the trouble of finding that perfect kit, we've compiled a list of 20 (we will add more soon) different free drum kits with previews, each with...
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July 29, 2019

5 Great Free Plugins For Music Producer You Should Already Be Using

Doesn’t matter if you’re new to music production, or if you’ve been at it for a few decades (like me), you can and should use these free plugins. No particular order here. All of them are great and valuable. AMBIENCE, by SMART-ELECTRONIX This is a fantastic reverb. Free, and considerably better than many paid reverb plugins. It has a lovely, simple GUI - which even the most novice user will understand quickly. Play with the knobs or try the dozens of included presets. Either way, behind that simple and intuitive GUI you’ll find an incredibly useful reverb tool. Rough Rider 2,...
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