11 Best Free Presets For Xfer Serum In 2019


It is well-known that Serum is considered to be a phenomenal synthesizer in the world of music. Either everyone already has it or wants to have. However, there are not so many free presets, especially with the preview.

In this article, we are going to show you the best free Serum presets for the most popular genres. It can be really helpful for newcomers who just want to get acquainted with the sound design and get some great presets to work with.

We offer you different presets with previews which are classified by genre. It is very convenient for you because you can quickly and easily find the preferred genre. Make use of this opportunity now!

P.S. All presets are free but there are some of them which require additional information from you. For example, in order to download them sometimes you should give an email address or follow Soundcloud of the owners of presets.

Future Bass - Future Vibes Vol. 2 By Bantana Audio

Nowadays Future Bass is one of the hottest genres, and that's why there are various preset packs on the Internet. However, there are only a few for which you shouldn't pay any money. Yes, they really exist. So, enjoy the future vibes volume 2 by Bantana Audio.

Trap - FREE Hybrid Trap Serum Presets By Bantana Audio

If you are looking for some incredible bass sounds for your tracks, these presets are perfect for them. Furthermore, Hybrid Trap Serum Presets by Bantana Audio will make you sound much fresher. Just listen to it and imagine how you can rework your tracks with the help of it.

Future House - Free Future House Presets For Serum By BVKER.Com

Although house is not a new genre and it has been existing for many years it still continues to be popular among people of different age. Take delight in listening to these great future house presets by BVKER.com.

Drum & Bass - Free Drum & Bass Pack Vol.2 By Get Monkey

If you are planning to make neurofunk, liquid or jump up, this pack is for you. It will undoubtedly meet all of your drum and bass needs. I hope you will value this drum and bass pack by Get Monkey!

Synthwave - Outrun Synthwave For Serum By Lionshare Sound

One of the modern electronic genres in music today is Synthwave. It is very similar to synth, house, and nu-disco. We suggest you listen to and download for free this outrun synthwave for Serum by Lionshare Sound.

Progressive House - Progressive House Presets For Serum By Pump Your Sound

Progressive music differs from other musical genres a lot. It tries to expand existing stylistic boundaries which are connected with specific genres of music. It contains some influences from different cultural domains like African, West Indian or Celtic folk. It's really incredible!

Trance - Sunrise Trance By Lionshare Sound

Get euphoric trance buildup with these sunrise trance presets by Lionshare Sound. You will get some great supersaws without paying anything!

Dubstep - Dubstep Presets By Pump Your Sound

Another popular genre of electronic music is dubstep. So if you are fond of dubstep, this pack of presets is a must-have for you.

Hip Hop - Free Massive X Presets 2019 | Trap And Hip Hop Presets By AngelicVibes

AngelicVibes offers a lot of wonderful presets but this one is really worthy. Some people say that hip hop is dead now but don't believe them. These trap and hip hop presets by AngelicVibes without any doubt deserve your attention.

Chill And Indie - Free Mellotron Presets For Serum By BVKER.Com

Not all people like basses so for those people we have mellotron presets by BVKER.com which are created in Indie style. They are very melodic and chill sounds which will perfectly suit any genre. Make sure to have it in your collection!

EDM - 10 Distorted EDM Leads For Serum By Typhonic Samples

If you want to find a raw edge for your EDM production, this pack is ideal for you. There are different leads in this pack where one lead is more distorted than the other. So you will certainly find a preset which will fully fit your needs.


Refresh your sound library with our best free presets for Serum of 2019! Choose the preferred style and create your own hits!