Shiny Splash MIDI Pack

Shiny Splash MIDI Pack


Why Shiny Splash?

We created this pack for the purpose of giving you something very delicate, melodious, and calming like shiny splashes. Do you remind the last time when you were near the sea? Remember, how exciting it was to look on the waves that splashed gently on the shore? Today we turn again and again to the water for a sense of calm and peacefulness.

This pack is very similar to the sea. You will feel the power of water, while listening to it. Using these melodies is a great opportunity to create something special that people will want to hear again and again.

Shiny Splash contains 100 unique MIDI files which are mostly created in minor keys. Listen to, use, and combine them into unforgettable tracks in different genres! 

100 MIDI Files

The pack contains 100 high-quality .mid files of chord progressions, melodies, and interesting hooks. Each file name contains the key/scale inscription.


You don't need to have any specific software installed. MIDI Pack works with every DAW. Just import it straight into the Fl Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro X, etc.


All our MIDI packs are roalty-free. You can use them in your music as much as you want. We hope you will produce something great!

Boost Your Songs With This
Shiny Splash MIDI Pack!