Abyssal Depth 808 Pack (Serum + Wav)

Abyssal Depth 808 Pack


Why Abyssal Depth?

808 bass has become iconic over the past few years. And SampleOcean wouldn't be the "deep ocean" of samples, if it didn't have the 808 pack with "deep" sounding.

90% of the music you produce absolutely need 808. This bass adds color to your songs and makes them sound modern and catchy. 

Abyssal Depth is more than just an 808 pack. It's one of those packs that you will use on a daily basis for lots of your projects without any doubts. 

36 .WAV Files

The pack contains 36 high-quality .wav files of 808s with different vibes. Each file name contains the preset title.

10 Unique Serum Presets

Each preset has different style of producing the 808 sound and its own custom modulators that you can experiment with to achieve your unique 808 style.


This 808 pack is roalty-free. You can use it in your music as much as you want. We hope you will produce something great!

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