Free TM88 Type Sample Pack

The given pack is a mix of different moods, genres, and each sample evokes different emotions while listening to it. Our professional sound designers thoroughly made it out as flexible and adaptable as possible. Thus we make it perfect for you to use our TM88 Type Sample Pack for creating melodic music.

It contains various sounds like bells sounding, women's voices, choir singing, and bone-chilling melody. It doesn’t matter what style or genre you prefer, this TM88 Type Sample Pack can be a good addition to your tracks.

We tried to do it in TM88 style because his records are very famous and are in great demand between music lovers. As he said in one interview: «Make it just the best. Never stop. Work like you ain’t got no records». So download our TM88 Type Sample Pack for free and don’t stop working until you have created something really worthy!

What's Inside:

  • After We Fu**ed
  • Back
  • Girls Sing
  • Little kid stole my shoe
  • Priceless Choir
  • Priceless Strings
  • Searching

File Format: .wav