Free Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Sample Pack

This pack contains some old school sounds and lo-fi hip-hop vibes. They all are divided into six main groups including All Night, Amazonia, Paradox, Smoke, Tlkn, and Vixen. Each group of samples has its own mood, coloring and is appropriate for a certain style.

Due to its diversity, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Sample Pack will fit to many kinds of New Age music such as relax, enigmatic, chillout, and others. It can perfectly supplement the sounding of your melodies if you have chosen this style.

The samples of our Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Sample Pack sound romantic, melancholic, and soothing. Get this free Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Sample Pack and create something exciting with the help of it!

What's Inside:

  • All Night
  • Amazonia
  • Paradox
  • Smoke
  • Tlkn
  • Vixen

File Format: .wav