Free Lex Luger Type Sample Pack

Lex Luger Type Sample Pack consists of seven samples. Each of them reminds the works of Lex Luger. This pack can help you find your unique sound and make your music more intensive. These free samples were designed by our team in order to make you sound more professional. Thanks to this pack, you will both gain technical perfection and add to your melodies the incredible musicality which Lex Luger has been able to capture in his beats.

All you need is to choose preferable sample and rework your melodies and progressions to perfect sounding! Download our Lex Luger Type Sample Pack without paying anything and sound more professional!

What's Inside:

  • Ain't Need No Grammy
  • Excuses Double
  • Let Them Talk
  • Reversed Woman
  • Stolen Double
  • Trophie
  • Viral

File Format: .wav